Teacher Wish Lists

The PTO has asked the teachers how we, as parents, can help
them stock the classroom with things we may be ready to part 
with at home, or find great deals on when we're out shopping. 
Here is a running list.

All classes
Gently used socks and tennis shoes
Connect 4 and other board games for indoor recess
Leapfrog educational toys
Fabric or yarn
Hole punches in fun shapes
Scrapbooking paper, stickers

1st grade

Black sharpies, stickers, index cards,zip-lock bags, envelopes, sandwich baggies, small items for treasure chest,CD player,sticky notes, discarded magazines and catalogs that would be appropriate for kids to use for activities (cutting out pics, words/letters, etc.), red ink pens,small tab sticky notes, paper bags (brown/white), wicky sticks, bookmarks, picture & chapter books, magnetic letters & numbers

2nd grade

Sticky notes, index cards, pencil top erasers, prize box items (happy meal toys, small stuffed animals, pens, keychains, etc.)

**Note that some of the items are teacher-specific, meaning a 
teacher has specifically said that she could use the items for 
the classroom. If you donate one of those items, you can drop 
it directly in the teacher's classroom or put it in the teacher's lounge/work room with the teacher's name on it.