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Mapping the Road to Good Reading

We held our annual literacy night that was in conjunction with our Scholastic Book Fair. We had around two hundred students and guests take part in the activities, free pizza, and book fair. Thank you to Mrs. Karen Martoglio and Mrs. Tonia Dibble for the activities, Mrs. Heidi Tucker for all the prep in the kitchen, and to Mrs. Cheryl Selvey for running the book fair. Each of these ladies had help from decorating, to setting up, and running their respective activities. Literacy night is most definitely a group effort, and we appreciate each and every person who stepped up and helped!

**Students and their families enjoying one of the many games during the literacy night.

Helpful Reading Tips from our Title One Interventionists:

Questioning strategy to help build comprehension: When you are asking your child questions after he/she reads, try to ask some with the book closed to see if they can remember.  However, also ask some questions where they need to use the book to "find the clues or evidence" right in the book.

Fluency during reading: When your child has read a story a few of times, this it is a great opportunity to work on fluency. Fluency is when a child can read at a smooth, easy, clear rate. Rereading also gives a child the opportunity to work on expression.

Locating specific words/chunks: Once you have read the story with your child, go back together and try to find word wall words or spelling words. Search for words that have /sh/, /ch/, /th/, and /wh/ or /ing/. This is just a fun way to practice word wall words, and reinforce sound blends.